BarHopping is a tour that is done by bars with a friend or a group of friends, as well as other people who join the tour. What it means to go from one bar to another to have fun in the company of many people around you, including beer, drinks and good music. It is an unforgettable experience that varies from bar to bar, ending the night in a bowling alley

It’s a type of outlet that became fashionable in Buenos Aires, it’s an All Inclusive, you go out, you know places, people from all over the world and you have a great time. What else can you ask for?

BarHopping known by different names

Tour of Bars as it is also known is an activity that is taking more and more interest among young people, because it leads them to do something different, change the habit of going to one place, to go to several bars in one night, where You can enjoy pizza and beers that will make you act all your senses, meet many interesting people, have fun as you never had before and end up dancing with everything in a bowling alley.

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It is interesting how people join this type of outings PubCrawl or BarHopping, are activities that attract the attention of young singles and not so single who like a night of entertainment, drinks and much more. Since we talk about drinks we have great bartenders who know very well what they do since the shots and the drinks are creations of each bar that is covered.

The music and the atmosphere of the bar is very important for the Bars Tour because it is what excites the people, it is what gives life to each place that is visited and what in the end will make people want to visit it and Enjoy the atmosphere There are several bars that even include international DJs so that the night is unique and unforgettable with the best music. So, if you sign up to do BarHopping you know that you have many options to enjoy and have fun. Many choose it to celebrate his birthday.

The BarHopping is a whole experience from the beginning to the end, you will not stop having fun and having a good time, go alone or in the company of your friends in a place loaded with a hundred percent party.

We are waiting for you every weekend at Niceto Vega 4984, Palermo.